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Indoor soccer league house rules

Welcome to the City of Ottawa, Women and Sport Indoor Soccer Programme. This league follows the official rules as outlined in the FIFA Official Soccer (www.fifa.com) rulebook with the following highlights and/or exceptions:

This league is designed to be recreational. The focus is on fun and participation. Everyone gets to play!  Please show respect for the other players and consider the player before the play.

Do not leave valuables in your vehicles or in the gymnasium change rooms. The City of Ottawa, Women and Sport Program or the individual Schools and/or Community Centres are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods.


  1. A team shall have no more than five players on the floor at a time, one of whom is the goalkeeper.A team with less than five players after a ten-minute grace period will forfeit the game.This is counted as a Default in which the team is penalized –2. Teams who have defaulted three (3) games will not be permitted to play in the play-offs.
  2. Players are asked to be at the gym and ready to play at least fifteen minutes before the advertised start time. Players should warm-up thoroughly before the game to help avoid injuries.

    Referees / Time Keepers

  3. Should a referee or timekeeper not show up to a game, it is expected that the game continue as scheduled. We ask that both teams play in a friendly and respectful manner.

    Players / Team Equipment Requirements

  4. Shirts worn by a team must be all of one colour. Numbers are required. Limited sets of pinnies with numbers may be loaned with a $50.00 deposit from the Women and Sport office. If two teams are to play each other have jerseys that are the same colour, the home team (listed first) must wear a jersey of a different colour. Goalkeepers must wear colours which are distinguishable from those of other players and referees. Goalkeepers may wear gloves.
  5. All players must wear soccer shin-guards covered entirely by stockings. Support braces must be covered with soft materials; they must not be exposed.
  6. Players shall not wear anything which endangers themselves or others. Jewelry must be removed (i.e. Nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.). Medic alert tags should not be removed but should be covered or taped to prevent injury.

    The Play

  7. Games will consist of two 25 minute halves, running time, with a 3 minute halftime. Teams may request a one-minute time-out in each half, but the game time continues to run. Games have been allotted a time period of 1 hour time limit per game. We ask that all teams follow the scheduled time.
  8. Choice of halves and the kick-off shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The team that lost the coin toss will start the kick off in the second half.
  9. Unlimited substitution is allowed on the fly and not only during stoppage of play.”The taking of a free-kick shall not be delayed to allow the offensive team to make a substitution. Teams should ensure that all players get equal playing time unless they are injured.
  10. Anytime one team has established a lead of 7 goals in a game, that game will beconsidered over and final. The two teams are encouraged to continue playing for fun.


A player who intentionally commits any of the following will be penalized:

  • Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
  • Trips the opponent
  • Jumps at an opponent
  • Charges an opponent in a dangerous way
  • Charges an opponent from behind
  • Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
  • Holds an opponent
  • Pushes an opponent
  • Charges an opponent with the shoulders
  • Slides in an attempt to play the ball, whether touching an opponent or not (sliding tackle)

A player shall be sent out of the game if, in the opinion of the official, she is guilty of:

  • Serious foul play
  • Violent conduct
  • Using foul and abusive language
  • A cautionable offence for the second time

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